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We get asked this question all the time. And, though some of you reading this blog already know and love Haliburton … this subject is geared more towards those who are contemplating a relocation. Be it a cottage in Haliburton or a home in Minden Hills, now or in retirement … allow me to educate you a little on our community.

Nestled in the province of Ontario, Haliburton County is a very scenic area with much to offer residents and visitors alike – both in the county seat of Minden Hills and beyond. Its picturesque fall colours, thriving arts community, and convenient location make this an appealing place to cottage with the kids, settle in as a young family or simply retire in paradise. Some have even call it “God’s Country”.

The county is sometimes called the “Haliburton Highlands.” As that nickname indicates, the area is notable for its height; it is one of the higher points in The Canadian Shield elevation ranging from 1,066 feet to 1,450 feet above sea level. We officially became Haliburton County in 1983. Prior to that, it had been established as a “provisional county” that was made up of townships from other counties and districts and had existed as such since 1874.

The county landscape and various charms draw numerous visitors each year, and tourism is a significant part of the region’s economy. The area boasts many artists studios, the Minden Hills Cultural Centre, the Kinark Outdoor Centre, and more. The county is also the location of a noted sculpture forest, and there are numerous heritage sites and museums located throughout the region that serve to entertain and educate both tourists and residents alike.

There are numerous educational opportunities within the county as well, which helps to make it a great place for a family. There are five public elementary schools (including one French immersion school), a secondary school, a post-secondary institution, two adult education options along with an eLearning facility.

Haliburton County is a popular place for summer homes, but it also holds year-round appeal that makes it a great place to work and play full-time. For those looking for real estate in the area, there are numerous choices. An experience realtor is vital to understanding the nuances of such a unique community. Trillium Team Powered by Royal LePage has served as a brokerage in Haliburton County for over 40 years … collectively our team of 5 professional agent have over 106 years of experience that you can count on!

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