When you are out and about looking at Haliburton real estate, checking out the homes and cottages for sale, or the waterfront properties up for grabs, you may get thirsty. Craft beer and craft kombucha are two tasty ways to discover how creative Brew Masters are inspired by the beauty and ingredients of the Haliburton Highlands.

Where to find the Brew Masters

Boshkung Brewing

This Haliburton brewery has become a cottage country staple, boasting two different patios: a beautiful river side patio with a food truck outside the brewery, located on Water Street  in Minden, and a lovely spot on the waters of Mirror Lake in Carnarvon. You can enjoy a pint responsibly at these locations, or take home some libations for later consumption at the cottage.

Their beers are inspired by the surroundings. Try the Haliburton Forest Lager, made with six different malts and three varieties of hops that give the brew its beautiful amber hue and citrusy, pine-like aroma. Or get lost in the Blairhampton Triangle New England style IPA. This beer showcases three different hops, added at three different intervals, resulting in a hazy, light-in-colour beer with intense hop aroma and flavour with subtle hop bitterness. https://boshkungbrewing.com


Haliburton Highlands Brewing

An award-winning micro-brewery producing handcrafted premium ales as fresh and natural as the highlands that inspire them! Incorporating local ingredients and operating with sustainable practices are at the heart of HHB. 

Their German-trained brewmasters offer a range of brews, from the straightforward Blueline Blonde to their Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. Their Spruce Kveik is flavoured with spruce tips foraged from within their neighbourhood. Their beers run the gamut and provide a range of interesting options for all seasons and tastes. For those in your group who aren’t fans of malt and hops, they have partnered with Slabtown Cider Co. and Sue-Anne Staff Estate Winery. 

HaliUkes@HHB started as a brewery taproom. When two staff members hung their ukuleles on the wall behind the bar and taproom customers subsequently bought them, a new business was founded. Purchasing well priced ukuleles and marketing them on our wall has led to relationships with several ukulele manufacturers. We are proud to be the premier Canadian sales location for Flight Ukuleles, Outdoor Ukuleles, and Worth Strings. We represent a diverse range of internationally recognized instrument makers. In addition to providing a fantastic beer experience, we’re dedicated to introducing the world of ukulele to Canada. https://www.haliburtonhighlandsbrewing.ca


Luc’s Brew

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is made by combining tea, sugar, and cultures of healthy bacteria and yeast. The bacteria and yeast form a symbiotic colony, working together to create a gift of nature. A tangy, sweet, and bubbly drink that is full of healthy probiotics, Kombucha has been praised for its ability to help aid digestion, decrease inflammation, and provide an increased immune function. Kombucha is said to cleanse your body and refresh your soul!

Luc’s Brew Organic Kombucha is brewed the traditional way, long-aged in small batches. Close attention is paid to the brews as they ferment, waiting for the perfect tangy to sweet ratio. This usually takes around 30 days. Then the kombucha is mixed with fresh fruits, herbs, and spices. It is left to sit for a few days, and the kombucha draws the goodness out of the ingredients. Not only does the kombucha absorb the delicious flavours of the ingredients, it also absorbs an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants. The kombucha is then transferred into a finishing tank where light carbonation is added. The kombucha is now ready to be bottled or kegged and enjoyed. https://www.lucsbrew.ca

After a day spent enjoying all that the beautiful Haliburton Highlands have to offer, indulge in a bevvy or two from one of these local breweries and put in a call to a local real estate agent, because you’re going to want more of this lifestyle!