Guess what? It is still possible to live a cottage lifestyle during these trying times, especially if you’re visiting a cottage resort. But if you don’t want to share the cottage life with the general public, we totally feel your pain.

Prefer to invest in coastal cottage living instead?

If you are considering living on a lakefront cottage, the cottage life is an absolutely satisfying lifestyle. Learn more about why you need a waterfront cottage below!

1. An Adventurous Escape
As you may already know, living in a lakehouse provides a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, your waterfront cottage is the perfect place for a lake adventure. So, if you’re searching for the best blend of excitement and relaxation, a cottage is your spot.

For instance, some of the most popular family activities to enjoy include everything from:

No matter what you choose, you’re sure to soak up the fun on your gorgeous lakefront property.

2. A Versatile Living Space
The best part about investing in a lakefront cottage is that it’s an extremely versatile living space. What we mean by that is it can be used throughout the year for different reasons. For example, during the summer and spring months, boating near your cottage is highly recommended.

On the other hand, fishing during the fall months is great fun as well. During the winter, you can easily use your cottage for spending time and relaxing with your family too.

3. Convenient Coastal Properties
To tell you the truth, investing in a lake house is much more convenient than investing in beach property. That’s because travelling across your province to a distant beach is an hours-long venture, to say the least.

Instead, most lake cottages can be reached within an hour or less. This adds up to the most wonderful weekend getaway you can imagine.

4. More Affordable Real Estate
Believe it or not, buying a waterfront property is less expensive than investing in real estate options. This is particularly true when compared to the cost of beachfront apartments and properties in major Canadian cities.

Plus, when you think about everything that comes with your lake cottage, you’re going to get much more “bang for your buck.”

5. Much Easier to Maintain
In terms of maintenance, the upkeep of a lake cottage is much less than a beach house requires. Since freshwater isn’t as harsh on the house as beach water is, you’ll never have to worry about your cottage deteriorating from humidity and salt. Although there is a small risk of flooding, getting hit by major hurricane damage is much less likely as well.

6. Peaceful and Calm Atmosphere
Thanks to its exotic and luxurious views, living in a lakefront cottage is a huge dream for many Canadians. When you live next to the tranquillity of a quiet lake, you’ll experience more privacy and peace than you’ve ever known in the suburbs. Bonus points if you don’t have any neighbours living near your cottage property.

Other benefits include:

The lack of traffic noise
The absence of pollution
No unwelcome disturbances
Not only will your calmness increase, but your mental peace should soar as well.

7. Incredible Views of Nature and Water
When it comes to incredible views of nature, you can’t get any better than taking it all in from the porch of your lakefront cottage. Whether you’re sitting on the windowsill of your room or the driveway, you’ll be able to see a wildlife reserve or an open sea right in front of you.

8. Wonderful Water Sports and Family Activities
Buying a cottage on the lake allows your family to try out wonderful water sports such as:

The best part is that virtually none of these activities would be free if you travelled from a recreational sports centre in the city. But that’s not all.

On top of meeting new people and creating a cottage social life, you can also take your boat out anytime you want. Also, docking it nearby or in your backyard gives you 24/7 access whenever you want to go for a boat ride.

Not so much into water sports?

If yes, then there’s nothing wrong with playing the following activities near your cottage either:

Beach soccer
Even better, you can enjoy the nightlife in the culture of your community as well.

9. A Significantly Valuable Investment
Last but not least, investing in a waterfront cottage is a significantly valuable investment. Because lakefront properties are hard to find, they will more than likely retain their overall value for years to come.

In addition to its high resale value, you can also rent out your waterfront cottage at any time. Trust us – most renters will want to try out your property for the same reasons that you did.

Curious About Living the Cottage Life?
Still curious about living the cottage life?

From an adventurous escape to an incredible investment, there are so many reasons why you need a waterfront cottage in your life. Not only is it a versatile living space, but coastal waterfront properties are also prime for family activities. As if that’s not enough, investing in a lakefront cottage is also a more affordable real estate option.

Here’s the best part. Living in a beachfront cottage is much easier to maintain than urban properties. Between its peacefulness and calm atmosphere, you’re guaranteed to love cottage life like no other.

Do you need a hand buying a waterfront cottage in Canada?

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