Selling a lakefront property has many intricacies you’ll want to get right. Read about the lakefront market, as it’s critical you understand your target market

With more and more Canadians able to work remotely, it’s becoming even more possible to achieve the allusive work-life balance. Lakefront property and recreational land are expected to rise in value by 15% over the next year. Is now the right time to cash in on the demand?

With low inventory and interest rates, lakefront living is at an all-time high. If you’re looking for tips on how to sell lakefront property, you’ve come to the right place. From staging to showcasing your waterfront access, think of this as your go-to guide to selling lakefront property.

1. Work with a Local Waterfront Agent

Agents who don’t typically sell lakefront homes don’t understand the areas. In order to sell your home for the best possible price, you want to work with a local, lakefront professional. Our team of local professionals understands the surrounding lakes, lake rights, and laws.

You want an agent who can tell potential buyers all about your lake and your property. With any home, buyers will have questions. With a lake home, this is, even more, the case. From pier and dock questions to zoning or lake access, you want an educated agent representing you.

2. Sell Your Lake Access, Views, and Proximity

A home by the lake is all about the lake. Whether you have private frontage or you’re down the street from the lake, you want to sell your proximity. Make the most of the lake access you have.

From your own private swimming pier, boathouse, or beach, showcase everything your recreational home has to offer. If your home has spectacular lake views but it’s a short stroll to the water, ask your agent to take buyers to the lake. Give buyers a sense of what your lake access will bring to their lives.

3. Showcase Your Lake Views

Your lakefront home should always showcase that breathtaking view. Whether you have peek-a-boo views or a panoramic view of the water, show this off. Stage or set up your home so that your eye is drawn to the outdoors.

Arrange furniture to show buyers the view in the best possible light. Open your curtains and let the views sell your home. Remove any bulky items that are blocking your views of the water.

4. Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Lakefront living is all about outdoor living. Maximize your outdoor space by spending a little money here before you sell. Even a small investment will go a long way to help your home sell faster.

Consider buying some new outdoor furniture or rearranging your current furniture to showcase your outdoor living space. Give buyers an idea of what it’s like to relax outside with a cup of coffee or entertain friends.

If you have multiple outdoor spaces, show this off. Add comfortable chairs down by the water and create a cosy reading area off of your master bedroom.

5. Sell for All Seasons

Lake life doesn’t end in the summer months. In Canada, we make the most of every season outdoors. If you’re selling your home in the colder months, play up fall or winter outdoor living.

Set up a fire pit with cosy blankets or display your outdoor gear in a fun way. Set up a blanket and a pair of ice skates down on your pier before showings, for example.

Play up your decorations and recreational toys to match the season. Give buyers a feel for how they can use the home any month of the year with hiking maps, trail guides, and local recreation information.

6. Clean Your Windows

Even a breathtaking view can be interrupted by dirty windows. Before you list your home, make sure to have the windows cleaned inside and out. Dirty windows not only distract from the view but also block the natural light.

Natural light helps make your home appear newer, larger, and cleaner. A dirty window will block the light and make your home seem darker and smaller.

7. Make Any Necessary Repairs

When you sell your lakefront property you want it to show its best. While a gut rehab might not be in your budget, set aside a small amount to help your home show well.

Consider a fresh coat of paint or new fixtures. Inexpensive updates and making small repairs will help buyers relax. If buyers come in and see there’s a lot to fix and repair, they may move on to the next property.

Repairs outside and by your waterfront are especially important. If your pier is missing boards, for example, you want those repaired so buyers get the full effect of walking on your pier without a fear they will fall into the water.

8. Include any Dock and Mooring Information

If there are any restrictions on piers or docks, make sure to let your agent and potential buyers know. The more educated your buyers are the less likely the deal will fall through later in the process.

If your lake has any wake restrictions or boat size limits, disclose those early. Give buyers as much information as you can when they come to view your home.

9. Make Water Access as Easy as Possible

If your waterfront requires a chair lift, hiking boots, and a rope to get to, it’s time for a little facelift. Make sure to cut back brush, trees, and branches off your waterfront and steps if you have them.

Make your path easy to get to and easy to walk down. If you need to make some repairs here, this will be worth the investment. You don’t want potential buyers to be turned away by how much work your path or staircase needs.

10. Market the Lake Lifestyle

People looking to buy a lake home are looking for that lake life experience. Show buyers how they can relax on the dock, sit by the campfire, and swim off your private pier.

Set the stage for year-round lakeside enjoyment. Place new, fresh towels, down by the water, set chairs out with books, and make your lakefront as inviting as possible before showings. Now more than ever, many people are looking to work in more serene settings and spend more time with family and friends.

Selling Lakefront Property Near Me

Selling a lakefront property takes more than selling a home. You’re also selling a lifestyle. Showcase your home so that potential buyers can see their family making memories, relaxing, and spending time together.

Using our local agents will help make sure you’re in the best hands possible. We understand the local lakefront market better than anyone. Make the most of these unprecedented times and let us get your lakefront property sold.

For more information on listing your lakefront property, fill out the contact form here. You’ll be connected with a local lakefront pro who can help your home sell quickly and for the best price.