Are you looking for some tips on how to sell your waterfront cottage fast? In this guide, we’ll go over some tips and tricks that can help you sell a waterfront property for the best results.

The longer your home is on the market, the less value it will have. Practice some of these tips to sell your home quickly for maximum profits.

Work With an Agent That Has Experience With Waterfront Properties
It’s important to find the best agent to represent your property, and with a waterfront property, you’ll want an agent with experience selling this property type. Find an agent that works with properties similar to yours to find someone who knows how to compete in your market. Having a realtor that specializes in this field can help you navigate the selling process as they can advise you on pricing, disclosures, and finding the best buyers.

Price it Correctly
Pricing your property correctly will be a huge asset to your listing. Pricing a property too high can cause it to stay on the market for too long, and pricing too low is never a good idea either. A trusted realtor can help you conduct a comparative analysis so that you can price your home in the sweet spot that is competitive with other homes like yours in the area.

To price the home effectively, think about its unique features. It’s helpful to know the property inside and out and to consider the location. Get accurate measurements of your square footage and the size of the waterfront. If your home is a part of a community that offers amenities, such as a private dock or boathouse, this should be considered when determining the price.

Consider working with your agent to put together a sheet that highlights all of the property’s best features. You want to create a lifestyle when marketing your home. If you’re having trouble coming up with a price, consider hiring an appraiser to help.

Stage the Outdoor Lifestyle
You want to make sure that you maximize the visibility of the waterfront of your property. This means trimming or getting rid of foliage like bushes, shrubs, and trees that may be obscuring the view of the water. A landscaper may be able to help you maximize your view without getting rid of all of your greenery.

It may be smart to stage the exterior of your home to mimic and showcase the outdoor lifestyle buyers can expect. The main goal is to allow potential buyers to be able to see themselves in the home. If you have a dock, make sure it’s in good shape and has any necessary repairs and updates.

It’s very likely that potential buyers will want to walk out to the dock and enjoy the view. The dock can be a big selling point for a home, so make sure it is safe and stable before showings. Often, a fresh layer of paint or stain can make an old dock look like new.

Cleaning up your shoreline can help to give your waterfront a polished look. This is especially important if you have a usable shoreline that has a beach or pathway. All of these little details and elements can act as highlight features and can have a hand in selling your home, so it’s best to make sure they are all in top shape for viewings.

Focus on Curb Appeal
While you want to focus on the details of your home, you also want to consider the curb appeal, both on the waterfront and street side of your home. This will allow both boaters and drivers that pass to see that your beautiful home is for sale and can be incredibly eye-catching for potential buyers. To do so, you’ll want to clean up your home’s entire exterior, from your landscaping and lawn care to a fresh layer of exterior paint.

Consider updating smaller exterior elements as well, such as your mailbox, address numbers and your entryway. Adding modern elements is a great way to give your house a little makeover.

It’s also important to clean your windows, and to keep them sparkeling while your home is on the market. This will be especially important for a waterfront home, where you are hoping to sell the views of the waterfront from indoors. Waterside windows can get dirtier faster, so it may be a good idea to clean them on days you will have viewings.

Market With Great Photos and Listings
It’s important that your listings and listing photos are of great quality to impress those who may be searching for home’s in your area online. Great photos of your home’s exterior, interior, and waterfront are all important in marketing your home. You should also consider shooting the areas you included on your features list.

Your listing description will act as the home’s marketing narrative, and it should work to be very descriptive while also telling a story of the outdoor lifestyle and amazing views buyers would benefit from.

Tips for Selling Your Waterfront Cottage
If you’re preparing to sell your waterfront cottage, keep these tips for selling waterfront properties in mind for the best results. Sell your house quickly, and at a great price to make the selling process as stress-free and profitable as possible.

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