Are you looking to move into a new home in a new town?  Here are some moving tips to help you prepare for your new life!

While moving to a new home seems exciting in theory, in practice it’s a whole different ball game.

There’s no denying how stressful packing up a home is, not-to-mention juggling the responsibilities of being a parent — whether it’s to kids, pets, or both.

If you’re set to move house in the near future, the key to a smooth transition is as much preparation as possible. Check out this blog for more, it’s packed with all the moving tips you really need.

Moving Tips: Four Weeks Before the Big Move

Moving from one home to the next is all about reducing your stress and streamlining the process where possible.

Ideally, you should start planning your move eight weeks before the big day. This might sound excessive, but trust us, it’s not.

Your first step is to create a moving binder and track everything about your move in this binder. It’s a space to store a moving checklist, your important documents, estimates, receipts, contact information, and final bills that are due.

This is the first step in keeping things organized.

Only when you get to week four before your actual move-in day should you begin with all the major tasks of moving.

First thing’s first, decide on the right moving company. Make sure you’ve compared quotes and have settled on an option that best suits your budget.

If you’re worried about your valuables, you may want to consider investing in moving coverage.

If you plan on driving your belongings to your new home yourself, it’s time to begin the planning of your route. Otherwise, book your flights and any other travel arrangements.

This is also the time to stock up on the all packing supplies you need because you want to start packing up your home slowly, but surely.

It’s also wise to take stock of any items that your new home may need, and gather these things. Maybe you’ll need extra drapes, a couple of new carpets, or a few updated bits of décor? This is a good time to shop around.

Another important tip is to contact all of your service and utility providers and arrange for these services to be transferred to your new address.

Two Weeks Before the Big Move

Your overall goal during these two weeks is to forward your mail, update your contact information, start packing boxes, and finalize logistics.

When changing your address, think about who would need to get in contact with you via mail. I.e. the bank, insurance companies, schools, and your workplace.

Don’t forget to update your loved ones and your closest friends, too. This is also the right time to cancel any form of membership or subscription you may have.

Lastly, it’s crucial that you confirm your moving dates and times with your chosen moving company.

Start packing boxes — begin with the rooms in your home that are used the least, such as a guest bedroom, bathroom, and the study.

One Week Before the Big Move

These are the last few days you have left in your home, so you’ll have to make them count. During this week, your main priority should be to prepare everything for moving day.

Start by disassembling all of your large furniture items. If you don’t plan on disassembling anything, pack up their contents, and set it aside.

If any of your rooms are already empty, get a head start on cleaning them thoroughly. It’s always a nice gesture to leave your home the way you’d like to find it!

Start to pack up all the main living areas of your home i.e. your main bedrooms, the lounge, dining, and kitchen areas. Keep only the essentials aside for this last week in your home.

You also want to ensure that every family member has a small suitcase packed with essentials they can live with for a few days.

During this week, you want to collect any spare keys or garage openers you may have given to other people, such as parents, siblings, or close friends. These need to be handed over to the new tenants.

It’s a good idea to take photos of your empty/packed up home before you move. This way you can prove it was left in decent condition if the situation ever arises.

When sorting out your packed boxes, mark and keep priority and fragile boxes aside. This way you know what to start unpacking first and can settle into your new home a little more comfortably.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your packing for the actual moving day. This is a recipe for chaos. Try to have your home completely packed up before D-day!

A top tip: pack yourself a 24-hour moving kit with a few essentials — other than clothes. This could include snacks, chargers, medication, basic tools, and a flashlight.

How to Tackle Moving Day

Once moving day arrives, try not to start the day off too late — in other words, don’t hit that snooze button! The earlier you start, the quicker it will all be over.

To make the day as streamlined as possible, create a clear path throughout your home for your movers. This way, they can access furniture and moving boxes with ease, and without knocking anything over.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and facilitate during the loading process. Make sure you’re available to answer any of their questions and always provide your contact information if you have to leave the house while they work.

Most moving companies use an inventory list to keep track of your items. Ask for a copy of their official inventory. This way you can track and claim for anything that disappears.

This is completely optional, but it’s a great gesture to order in some easy-to-eat food, such as pizza, or provide snacks for both your family and the movers on moving day.

Once everything has been packed into the moving truck, it’s crucial that you do a final once-over of your home. This is a chance to say your final goodbyes and double-check you haven’t forgotten anything.

Last, and definitely not least, always tip your movers!

Find Your Dream Home in Halliburton County

By implementing these moving tips, you can rest assured that your moving process is not nearly as stressful as you imagined it to be!

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