While you are searching for that perfect Haliburton Highlands home for sale, or the ideal Haliburton Highlands waterfront cottage for rent, remember to give your real estate agent a day off and take in some of the local highlights. We’ll feature two adventures in this blog. Both are located in Haliburton Forest, an area of over 100,000 acres of rolling hardwood forest, 100 lakes, meandering rivers and extensive wetlands. 

First up (literally!) is the Walk in the Clouds forest canopy tour. Enjoy breathtaking views on this 3.5 to 4 hour Canopy Tour. Your guide will take you on an adventure in 4 parts: 1) A scenic drive through the private forest; 2) A paddle in a large voyageur style canoe across a wilderness lake; 3) A guided walk along the Pelaw River Rapids; and 4) The Canopy Tour itself. At 10-20 metres above the ground, you will walk through the treetops and see the beautiful views of Haliburton Forest from above. With a length of over half a kilometre to traverse (the longest canopy boardwalk of its kind in the world), you’ll be sure to have ample opportunity to see lots of spectacular sights. You will have a “heightened” appreciation for the natural beauty of the Haliburton Highlands!


Our second adventure takes us to the Wolf Centre in Haliburton Forest. It is rated as an Ontario Signature Educational Experience, for its role in inspiring the conservation of wolves. The wolf pack, through its various generations, have been permanent residents of Haliburton Forest since 1993. The Wolf Centre is an educational facility designed to instruct the public about the history and future of the wolf in our society. It encompasses a 5,000 square foot, all indoor facility that houses self-guided, museum-style exhibits, a cinema where you may view a documentary, a classroom, and a souvenir shop. The centre boasts two large indoor observation areas, where the wolves may be viewed through one-way glass. The facility is designed to mimic the wild as closely as possible, so guests are not allowed to touch or interact with the wolves in any way. They are unsocialized and because of this they maintain their fear of humans just like a wild wolf. This also means they maintain much of the behaviour and social structures of wild packs, and they are able to be observed in a way that is not typically possible in a zoo environment.


After the excitement of your adventures in the air and on the ground, you may wish to grab a bite to eat at the LCBO-licensed restaurant – Truss Foodworks Smokehouse – located in Haliburton Forest. They pride themselves on their hand-crafted, wood-fired smoked meals. 95% of their menu has gone through one of their smokers ( “Cheech,” “Chong,” and “Snoop Dog”) at some point in time. Their eat-in or take-out menu includes selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also offer a frozen menu so you can enjoy the smokehouse flavour at home or the cottage.


Enjoy the beauty and pristine nature of the scenic Haliburton Highlands from the air or from the ground as you visit these attractions and have a howling good time! Then connect with your real estate agent again and resume your hunt for that perfect Haliburton house or waterfront cottage – and enjoy this lifestyle all the time!