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Like many, you’re probably wondering what your home is worth. Or, you’re looking to buy that first piece of real estate in the Haliburton Highlands. Either way, you need to know that you’re in good hands and dealing with a team that has extensive knowledge and experience in Haliburton County, and surrounding areas.

Here at The Trillium Team Powered by Royal LePage Lakes of Haliburton, our brokerage has served the area for over 40 years (43 to be exact)! Whether searching for a cottage in Haliburton or a home in Minden Hills, you can bet we’ve been there, SOLD that! Our team (I stress the word team) have sold properties in the more commonly known communities like Haliburton and Minden, but also in the smaller hamlets of Gelert, West Guilford, Eagle Lake, Ingoldsby and many more.

Often, you can find greater value in the smaller communities with the same basic amenities as the larger communities … that is, if you’re willing to drive a little bit further. The additional drive is generally offset by lower prices, increased “quietness” a lack of neighbours and cleaner lakes. So, I encourage you to create your own Pro’s and Con’s list to determine what is most important to you and your family … is it convenience or tranquility?

As for knowledge of the area, September sales in Haliburton County are virtually identical to 2018. Year-to-date, sales are up by only a 2.5% increase. However, listing inventory is up by 18% which means if you’re in the market for a cottage in Haliburton, or a home in Minden, now’s the time to check out the increased inventory.

Property values over the last 3.5 years have gone up by 40% as the Toronto real estate market continues to directly impact Haliburton County. We are seeing upward pressure on prices with a robust fall market taking shape. For Example: Recently a property on Stormy Lake had seven offers and sold for approx. 15% above asking price!

It’s a great time to sell (higher prices) and an ideal time to buy (more inventory). If you’d like to chat more about lakes, life and Haliburton County, I’d be happy to buy you a coffee at the #KozyKorner, and if you twist my arm a little, I may even include breakfast.

Text the word “BLOG” to me at: (705) 935-1000 and I’ll reserve us a seat!

Enjoy The Fall Colours!

Anthony vanLieshout, Broker of Record, CRA

Anthony vanLieshout
Broker of Record, CRA
Trillium Team

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