Are you interested in putting your Haliburton lakefront property up for sale? Maybe you want to invest in something further down the lake. Perhaps you’re moving and want it to go to the right buyer.

Whatever the case might be, you’ll be glad to learn all that you can about how to maximize your return on the sale. Doing so can help you avoid some costly mistakes that will avoid the price and outcome of the lakefront property selling process.

See below for several mistakes you should avoid making at all costs when you have a lakefront property for sale.

1. Staging the Property Insufficiently
Many lakefront property owners feel as if they can skimp out on the staging process because of the location of their home. They feel as if the natural beauty will be the only convincing that an interested buyer needs to seal the deal.

While the natural beauty of the lake certainly does help, It isn’t the end all be all. A dirty or uncleaned inside to your home will still harm their interest level.

For that reason, it’s important to stage your home the right way. Be sure to read up on several must-do home staging tips that you need to accomplish before a client walks in the door.

That way, you can stage your home appropriately without spending a significant amount of your budget on doing so.

2. Not Hiring a Professional
Too many people make the mistake of turning the real estate process into a do it yourself project. By doing so, they risk missing out on thousands of more dollars on the final sale and will endure a painful closing process at the same time.

In other words, placing your lakefront property for sale by owner is a mistake. You won’t price your house correctly, you won’t know how to properly handle negotiations, and the contracts and closing process will be an absolute nightmare.

A professional real estate agent has the experience and know-how to help you with every stage of the process. Even with the commission, they receive from the sale, you’ll make more money than if you sold the property yourself.

A real estate agent can help remove emotion from the process. They’ll make the right choices to maximize your returns.

You can have more peace of mind after the sale closes, knowing you received as much return as possible thanks to your trusty real estate agent.

3. Not Budgeting for the Process
One of the most vital keys to your success with selling your lakefront property is setting up a budget for the process.

Without one, you might put yourself in a difficult financial situation while paying for repairs, staging props, renovations, and so on. Not to mention that you might be in the process of buying another home while trying to sell your current one.

Make sure to take the time and sit down with your real estate agent to discuss the different things you’ll need to budget for. Also, make sure to ask them what a reasonable budget range would be for things like staging, repairs, and so on.

After that, create a budget that you and your family can use moving forward. As long as you communicate your need to save costs on the process, your real estate will be happy to help you do so.

4. Not Spending Time on Waterfront Features
If you’re going to use the lake of your waterfront property as the main selling point (which you are!) then you have to tend to the waterfront features on your land.

Things like a decrepit boating dock or a property without a dock can have a negative influence in the sale.

You’ll also want to make sure that the waterfront is as visible as possible. Tear down that old shed if need be. Remove a tree or two if they’re blocking your site line to the water.

Remember this: the main appeal for interested buyers is the idea of them waking up to the waterfront view. You want to do all that you can to appeal to that dream.

Get rid of any debris around your waterfront’s shore, remove all personal items from the dock (such as kids toys and floaties), make sure to clean your dock. All your hard work will pay off in a big way!

5. Not Using High-Quality Photographs
Sure, your waterfront property will sell itself once you get an interested buyer on the property, but you have to get them there first.

The best way to create excitement and intrigue for marketing your property online is by using high-quality photos. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional photographer for such an occasion. Your realtor might have a connection you can use.

The better your pictures are, the more enticing it will be to those interested. They’ll scroll through different photos and reach out to schedule a tour of the property.

Too many people try to take pictures of the property themselves and, in so doing, scare away many people that would otherwise be interested.

Lakefront Property for Sale? Avoid These Mistakes
Now that you have seen several mistakes to make when posting your Haliburton lakefront property for sale, be sure to use them to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the best way to sell your lakefront home right away.

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