You’re selling your cherished lakefront property. You’ll want to maximize the sales value. Read this top advice to ensure you get the most out of your house sale

Is it time to part ways with your lakefront property? Well, we know that’s a sad time for everybody. However, if you’re looking to make the sale, you’re in a seller’s market with a golden ticket.

If you’re looking to sell, you’re in luck. Selling has never been easier. However, there are some tips and tricks to getting the most value out of your home at the time of your sale. Let’s talk about them.

Boost Your Lakefront Property With A Clear View

People certainly don’t buy lakefront properties for the insurance rates. They buy them for the view and the access to the water.

Make sure that when it comes time to sell, your bushes are nicely trimmed, your windows are clean, and there is nothing to obstruct any potential buyers’ view of the lake. The lake itself is probably the biggest selling point of the property.

If there’s a dock, clean it up and try to move your boat out of the way of any nice views in the lake. Or, if they’re feeling up to it, take them out on the boat! Let them see why they want to live on this lake!

Make Sure You Can Access The Dock

You’re going to want to take viewers down to the dock to check it out, so you want to be bringing them on a clear path to the dock. If you have children, clean up their toys before taking pictures for marketing or bringing anybody to view.

If you don’t have a boat and you’re handy enough, build a dock! Be sure to check local regulations before placing the dock in the water, but this small amenity will increase your market value by more than you think. The people who will pay the highest prices for the right property probably have boats they want to use on the water.

Take Good Pictures

When you’re posting your property online or through a realty company, make sure that everything is clean and clear. An iPhone picture is fine, but if you have a good camera, use it. Really take pictures of the highlights. If the basement has a sump pump, or your home has any extra flood protection, take pictures of it.

Learn how to properly take pictures of a property for sale, and understand the biggest highlights of your property. If it’s spacious inside your house, highlight that. If it’s got a nice patio, highlight it. You know what you use better than we do!

Don’t forget the lake. Make your nicest picture of the lake the first picture on the sales listing. People who want to live on a lakefront property are usually willing to spend top dollar, so this will attract the right people to your post.

Clean Up The Shoreline

If you want to maximize lakefront property sales value, you want a spectacular view from the house, and everything under your control to make it perfect should be done. This includes cleaning up the shoreline.

Are you going to clean the entire lake by yourself? Probably not. However, the shoreline is a common place for buildup to form. People looking to buy a lakefront property likely already know this, but you want them to focus on the highlights of the property.

It isn’t just gunk and shells to worry about, get rid of the weeds that grow all along the shore. Grab a weedwhacker or pull them out for longer-lasting results. Having a clear shoreline looks great to potential buyers.

Incorporate The Value Of The Lake Into Your Sale

Now, if you have the right real estate agency, you won’t have to personally worry about this, as they will get you the best deal for what you’re selling. However, a big mistake in selling lakefront properties is pricing it as if it were inland.

Being on a lake brings you so much closer to nature, and people who want this lifestyle know that it comes with a price tag, so don’t overlook the value of that selling point. Make sure you’re getting your home’s actual value.

Know The Laws

No matter where your house is that you’re selling, make sure you’re doing everything by the books. Don’t add or modify a dock if you don’t know the regulations, don’t make a sale if you’re not sure it’s legal, and don’t use any inaccurate marketing practices.

Make sure you know the ecological laws regarding your lake as well and be sure you don’t violate them in your cleaning practices or any other efforts. If you make a sale, it would be helpful to your buyer to pass this information along to them!

Don’t Do It Alone

Get some friends and family to help you clean up your property, maybe help you build or repair your dock, and get your house ready for pictures! That’s not all the help you need though.

If you are trying to sell a lakefront property, you will get the best bang for your buck by hiring professionals. There are a lot of stumbling blocks to selling lakefront properties, so make sure that you have the right team on your side to help you get the most value out of your property.

Get Ready To Sell

Now that you know some lakefront property sales advice, the time to get started is now! Clean up your property, show off what it has to offer, and get some help with the project! Stay up to date with our latest real estate advice and contact us for some assistance!

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