Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of the Haliburton Highlands, lie some of the most picturesque and sought-after lakes in the region. Offering pristine waters, stunning natural surroundings, and a host of recreational activities, Beech Lake, Cameron Lake, Canning Lake, and Drag Lake enchant visitors and residents alike. Join us, the Trillium Team, as we delve into the unique features and attractions of these captivating bodies of water.

Beech Lake (

Located just a short drive from the heart of Haliburton, Beech Lake is a hidden gem known for its clear waters and tranquil ambiance. With its sandy beaches and shallow areas, Beech Lake is an idyllic spot for families and swimming enthusiasts. Anglers will delight in the lake’s diverse fish population, including bass, trout, and perch. For those seeking adventure, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding are all possibilities on Beech Lake. Be sure to enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake’s surrounding forested shores.

Beech Lake Map

Little Cameron Lake (

Little Cameron Lake, located in the Haliburton Highlands, has a rich history of settlement and family legacies. The area saw pioneers and settlers make it their home, including Johnny Archer, who built a cabin on the north-east side in 1876. The Barry family, settling in the 1920s, owned a farm that encompassed the west half of the lake. Over the years, they sold off lots and constructed log cottages for buyers, some of which still exist today. Other families, such as the Faders and Middletons, also made their homes on the lake, contributing to its unique character. The presence of these early settlers and their descendants has left a lasting imprint on Little Cameron Lake.

Cameron Lake Map

Canning Lake (

Embraced by the wilderness of the Haliburton Highlands, Canning Lake offers a peaceful retreat for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Even better, this body of water belongs to a 5-lake chain, the largest chain in Haliburton County! The lake’s pristine waters and picturesque shoreline make it an ideal destination for kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Fishing enthusiasts will find an abundance of fish species, including lake trout, smallmouth bass, and muskellunge. Surrounding Canning Lake are numerous trails that beckon hikers and bikers to explore the scenic wonders of the region. Being by the lake is the best way to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the area.

Canning Lake Map

Drag Lake (

Renowned for its striking beauty and rich history, Drag Lake holds a special place in the hearts of both residents and visitors of the Haliburton Highlands. Boasting a variety of fish species, including lake trout, smallmouth bass, and whitefish , the lake is a favorite destination for anglers. Its expansive waters also cater to boating enthusiasts, with opportunities for water skiing, tubing, and sailing. Nature lovers will be captivated by the diverse flora and fauna that call Drag Lake home. Be sure to catch a magical sunset over the lake’s horizon, casting a warm glow across the water.

Drag Lake Map


The lakes of the Haliburton Highlands, including Beech Lake, Cameron Lake, Canning Lake, and Drag Lake, offer a slice of paradise for those seeking a harmonious blend of natural beauty and recreational activities. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, cast your fishing line, embark on a kayaking adventure, or simply immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring surroundings, these lakes have something for everyone. Embrace the serenity of the Haliburton Highlands as you explore these breathtaking bodies of water.