Welcome to the Haliburton Highlands, a land of pristine lakes and picturesque landscapes that beckon nature enthusiasts and waterfront property seekers alike. As the top Royal LePage real estate agents in this beautiful region, the Trillium Team takes pride in assisting you in finding your dream waterfront home. Let’s dive into the history of four captivating lakes that populate our local landscape. 

Gull Lake (www.glca.ca)

Between Norland & Minden, Gull Lake spans nearly 200 acres, making it a haven for boaters and anglers alike. This gem traces its origins back to the retreat of the Laurentide ice sheet over 12,000 years ago, carving basins and valleys in the Canadian Shield. The lake’s geological richness lies within the “boundary belt zone” between the Central Gneiss Belt and the Denna Lake Complex. 

Gull Lake offers deep fishing holes, with depths of up to 160 feet, perfect for fishing enthusiasts. Over the years, it has become a cherished destination for cottagers and nature enthusiasts alike. Properties on Gull Lake have been passed down through generations, fostering a sense of community and love for the area. A serene place to renew one’s soul, Gull Lake offers a timeless escape from the bustling world. 


A descriptive map of Gull Lake, in the Haliburton Highlands.

Halls Lake (hallshawklakes.ca)

Halls Lake has held its allure since the late 1800s, transitioning from hardworking loggers and farmers to lively tourists in the mid-20th century and now to cottagers and retirees seeking a peaceful haven. The lake is said to be named after a trapper named Richard Hall, adding to its historical charm. 

This picturesque lake boasts attractions like Buttermilk Falls, a scenic site featuring a log chute and picnic area, and Elvin Johnson Park, offering playgrounds and picnic spots. Halls Lake’s diverse offerings and proximity to local markets and wilderness areas make it an attractive destination for property seekers looking to experience the best of both worlds. 


A descriptive map of Halls Lake, in the Haliburton Highlands.

Koshlong Lake (koshlonglake.ca)

Typical of Precambrian Shield lakes, Koshlong Lake features rocky shorelines and a deep main basin dotted with islands and shoals. The Federal Government’s regulation of water levels through a dam adds to the lake’s dynamic nature. Its waters eventually flow into Lake Ontario, traversing the scenic Trent Canal system. 

Koshlong Lake’s name has seen variations over the years, preserving its rich history. The area’s past is intertwined with logging, where it served as a transportation corridor for logs destined for mills. Today, Koshlong Lake stands as a cherished lake community with over 250 waterfront cottages and growing permanent homes, offering an inviting retreat for all. 


A descriptive map of Koshlong Lake in the Haliburton Highlands.

Kushog Lake (kushoglake.org)

Kushog Lake, named after the Ojibway word “Kah-shan-can-wig-e-mog,” meaning “long and narrow,” exudes a sense of mystery and beauty. A crucial link in the ambitious log-floating plans of the Gilmour Lumber Company, this lake has seen significant historical influence. 

The lake boasts a rich variety of resorts and camps, each leaving its mark on the area’s development. Kushog Lake’s history spans generations, attracting cottagers and tourists who revel in the outdoor lifestyle. Many have turned their seasonal retreats into year-round homes, cherishing the beauty of the lake and surrounding forests. 

A descriptive map of Kushog Lake, in the Haliburton Highlands.


The Haliburton Highlands’ lakes are not just bodies of water; they are living narratives that  connect us to the past, while providing communities for current and future residents. As the top  Royal LePage real estate agents in the Haliburton Highlands, the Trillium Team invites you to  explore the wonders of these lakes and find your perfect waterfront property—a place where you  can make memories to last a lifetime.