Welcome to the breathtaking Haliburton Highlands, where pristine lakes and lush forests converge to create an idyllic setting for both residents and cottage owners. As the leading real estate team specializing in waterfront properties in this region, the Trillium Team is passionate about showcasing not only sunning properties, but also the incredible wildlife that calls the Haliburton Highlands home. Join us on a journey to explore the remarkable biodiversity that thrives in this natural haven.

Majestic Moose

Our Haliburton Highlands offers more than just picturesque waterfront properties; it is also home to the magnificent moose. As you search for your dream cottage, keep your eyes peeled for these iconic animals. Just remember, these large mammals require lots of space, so if you encounter one on the road be sure to give it ample room to cross!

Elusive Black Bears

Nature enthusiasts visiting the Highlands may be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the elusive black bears that roam the region’s forests. Living in the area may provide the opportunity to observe these fascinating creatures respectfully and from a distance.

Soaring Bald Eagles

As you explore the lakes and rivers of the Haliburton Highlands, keep an eye on the skies above, where the graceful bald eagles soar majestically. These powerful raptors are a symbol of strength and freedom and contribute to the region’s remarkable biodiversity. Fun fact, the wingspan of a bald eagle ranges from five and a half feet to eight feet!

Melodic Common Loons

No visit to the Haliburton Highlands would be complete without experiencing the amazing calls of a common loon. With their elegant black and white plumage, these waterbirds captivate both locals and visitors alike. Let us assist you in finding a waterfront property that allows you to wake up to the call of a loon echoing across the water.

Graceful White-tailed Deer

The Haliburton Highlands are a haven for white-tailed deer, showcasing the coexistence between humans and wildlife. As you embark on nature walks or explore the region’s hiking trails, keep a lookout for these creatures amid the forests and meadows. Our team can recommend properties that offer the ideal blend of privacy and proximity to these natural wonders.

Cunning Red Foxes

In the Haliburton Highlands landscape, red foxes add a touch of vibrancy with their reddish fur and bushy tails. Their presence adds to the region’s rich tapestry of wildlife. While these cunning creatures are primarily active during the twilight hours, you may still catch them on the move during the day.


At the Trillium Team, we understand that your desire to own a waterfront property extends beyond the walls of a home. The Haliburton Highlands not only offers stunning real estate opportunities but also a unique opportunity to be surrounded by captivating wildlife. Allow us to assist you in finding your dream property, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of this remarkable region and witness the diverse wildlife that makes our Haliburton Highlands a true natural gem.