Are you looking to boost the value of your lakeside property?

Lakeside properties are highly-prized for their natural, outstanding beauty. But a few mistakes can see a drastic reduction in their value.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to happen to you! Read on for 11 tips to increase your lakeside property value before selling.

1. Waterfront Visibility
One thing that will see a significant increase in value is if you can get a good view of the waterfront. It’s very common to see the view obstructed.

Make sure to trim all trees, shrubs and bushes so they’re not blocking the view. Make sure your exterior is neat, tidy, appealing and only contrasts the view. You don’t want a mishmash of garden furniture and junk overshadowing it.

Also give the interior and exterior of all your windows a good clean. Murky glass can reduce the clarity of a waterfront view and dampen the impact it should make.

2. Accessibility to the Dock
Another feature potential buyers will be keen on is having access to the dock. Before you list your property, ensure that your dock is in good condition and easy to access. If it isn’t up to scratch, it can turn buyers off completely.

Check the stability of your dock and make any repairs necessary. You want it to be high quality and finished well. Ensure it’s durable, weather-proofed recently and ready to go. The last thing you want to do is blow your chance of a sale with an unsafe dock that’s falling apart.

3. Clean Shorelines
First appearances count, and so does having a clean shoreline. It’s important you make the outside of your lakeside property as clean and tidy as possible. Lake/pond weed and seaweed can be a huge turn off to buyers.

You can avoid this though, with tools designed for these very issues. For issues in the water like silt and sludge, you can use products like muck pellets. Make sure your shorelines are well maintained, clean and make buyers want to spend time there.

4. Update Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
Again, this is all about visual appeal. Update any old light fixtures to get the most warm light and brighten a space (inside and outside). It’s an easy, affordable way to boost property value.

Solar lights lining the paths outside your home are a great, welcoming addition. It guides your buyers where you want them to go. It’ll also add mystery and allure to your landscaping and planting.

5. Update Your Front Door
Replacing or updating your front door is another easy way to add value by improving your curb appeal. The goal should be to make the best first impression you can.

Your front door is one of the first things potential buyers are going to see when they arrive. So, it needs to make a statement.

A brand new door, some planters and a clean appearance will go a long way. But even a lick of paint in a complimentary statement colour can make a huge difference.

6. Power Wash the Exterior
Cleaning is a must for any house sale, but don’t forget to clean outside too. Remember, buyers make their first impressions about your home within 7 seconds.

By power washing driveways and pathways, you’ll strip back years of grime and dirt. It will leave your house feeling fresher and newer. In the eyes of the buyer, this adds value.

7. Have an Seating Outside
A deck or patio is a great idea. Make it comfortable with outdoor cushions, lighting, an outdoor rug and a BBQ area. Try to merge it with the interior of your home with a seamless transition where possible.

This will expand the square footage of the house to a buyer and create and extra, usable space. Let buyers envision how this outdoor space will work for them and make the most of your gorgeous views.

8. Update Your Landscaping
Another easy, affordable way to boost your property value is to landscape. Make sure your trees are healthy and pruned, ensure plants and flowers are thriving.

Keep the lawn neat and green, and plan landscaping that draws the eye to your view. Your landscape should blend into your lakeside surroundings and compliment it. A house that looks like it’s always belonged there is far more appealing than one sticking out like a sore thumb.

9. Reduce Clutter and Clean
Declutter your home. Not only will this boost your home value, but it will help you save money and time when it comes to moving out.
Go through closets, drawers and cabinets and make piles such as:

– Keep
– Donate
– Throw Out
– May Keep

This will help you keep organised. Be brutal and remove anything that’s not essential or very sentimental. Remove any personal items from display. Buyers don’t want to see your family history. They’ll want to picture themselves living here and how the space works for them.

Do a deep clean, and keep on top of it for maintenance after. You want your home to look clean, tidy and liveable.

10. Spruce Up Paintwork and Flooring
Another inexpensive way to add value is to spruce up old paintwork and flooring. A new finish, or a lick of fresh paint can make any surface look fresh and new.

Start with any rooms that have a “quirky” colour palette. A unified, neutral scheme both inside and out is the best option.

Very few buyers want a project. Moving is stressful enough, but having to repaint as soon as they move in can be a huge turn off.

11. Update Bathrooms and Kitchens
Of all the rooms to update, kitchens and bathrooms have the biggest impact on sale value. An appraiser will often suggest these improvements in the first instance if necessary.

For kitchens, start by updating old appliances and make sure they match where you can. Repaint or replace worn, old cabinets with something fresh and neutral.

In the bathroom, focus on vanities, toilets and fixtures. Anything old, worn and grimy you should update or replace. This room should look clean and spotless.

Increasing Lakefront Property Value
As you can see, the trick to boosting your lakefront property value is to put the unique selling points of your home front and centre. Small changes that show off your property allow viewers to see the true value of your home.

If you are looking to buy or list a lakefront property, then contact Trillium Team today. Bringing together the top Royal LePage agents of the Haliburton Highlands, we specialize in waterfront properties. Whether residential, commercial, or cottage property, our team will ensure you get the most out of the sale.